Environmental Impact Assessment – EIA / SEA

In the frame of the environmental impact assessment we will arrange the following for you:

  • We will elaborate the environmental impact assessment to its full extent at the stage of intent and assessment report in compliance with the Law of the National Council of the SR 24/2006 Coll.
  • We will develop a complex impact assessment of concepts and environmental development programmes according to § 4 of the Law of the National Council of the SR 24/2006 Coll.
  • We will provide consultations of or solution to partial ecological problems in the process of EIA and SEA
  • We will arrange public hearing and consultations of the assessment report for the investors (public hearing, public meeting)
  • We will draft a monitoring programme, we will ensure its fulfilment and expertise

Company management representatives are registered in the list of competent persons for environmental impact assessment in the areas of energy constructions, line constructions, waste management constructions, agricultural production, forestry, construction of objects for recreation and tourism, construction of sport facilities, land development and land planning, transport constructions and facilities, telecommunications.