Quality Policy

We are aware of our responsibility for the protection of the environment and we want to contribute to the creation and protection of the environment and to support principles of sustainable development on Earth.

Regarding the above mentioned we hereby proclaim:

  1. One of the basic priorities of the EKOJET company management is the responsibility for sustainability, evaluation and enhancement of efficiency of the quality management system and efforts for conformity between our business interests and environmental protection requirements. We want that requirements and expectations of our clients and other interested parties are met and at the same time the requirements of sustainable development of human society on Earth are respected.

  2. We will constantly observe trends in areas related to the field of our activity and by introducing new approaches, work methods we will ensure permanent quality enhancement of all activities in the scope of services we provide.

  3. We will strive for application of principles of environment protection prevention and minimise a negative effect of activities on the environment.

  4. We want to apply and develop a system of employee education to strengthen their responsibility for the quality of all activities performed and to improve their qualification in fulfilment of work tasks and to support a positive attitude to the environment.

  5. Through a long-term cooperation with our suppliers we create opportunities for enhancement of the quality of our services.

  6. We will respect the national environmental policy and environmental concept of other national and local government bodies and municipalities when performing our tasks.

  7. We will make efforts to meet legal and other regulations applicable to the activity of the company and we will respect requirements of the parties concerned.

  8. We will make the results of our activity public and such enable open communication about environmental issues. We will make use of any impulse from the side of the public, our business partners and other parties concerned to improve our activities.

Mgr. Tomáš Šembera

Executive Director

Ing. Ivan Šembera, CSc.

Founder and Plenipotentiary for SMK